hungry harvest

I am super excited to try Hungry Harvest.  This is a great program that delivers produce directly to your door.  I got an e-mail yesterday telling me what is going to be in my box, and I am blown away!

Are you interested in checking it out?  Use the link below and you will get $5 off, I will also get a little bonus from Hungry Harvest too!


Bullet Journaling

Friends, this year was one of the BUSIEST years of my life.  Working, finishing up grad school, being a mama, a wife, leading a small group and helping out with local missions; my mind was scattered, and my calendar a mess.  Enter, the bullet journal.   I started using this method, based on some pinterest research (another pinterest win!)

Although this method reverts back to good ole paper and pen, it is extremely customizable.  It allows you to plan your calendars, to-do’s, goals and trackings all in one place.

First place to start is with a notebook.  I used this one!  Which I got for $2.99 on sale, and guess what-it’s still on sale, an entire year later!  Some people prefer graph/dots instead of the lines, and  I think I would too!  But $2.99!!!

This guy is the guru of bullet journals-check out his info to get started!

Here is what my bullet journal consists of

  • Index
  • Future Log/List
  • 6 month calendar snapshot
  • 6 month goal/to do list
  • Monthly Log/calendar
  • Monthly Task List/ Trackers and Goals
  • To Read and To Watch Lists

Basically, the world is your oyster when it comes to the bullet journal.  Get creative, set up what works for you!  Here is another great blog post to help get you started!

And oh yea, I wanted my bullet journal to be pretty, so I bought some washi tape and these pens.  My journal is looking mighty fine these days (if I do say so myself!)